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Fiverr violating their own TOS, is this legal?

“Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page.”

I delivered a file early, and consistent to my style. The client said he couldn’t be bothered with requesting changes and demanded I cancel. I refused. Fiverr canceled the order and refunded the client, stating:

"The order FO713638EA305 was canceled by the appropriate Team, after a thorough review, the buyer to provide a satisfactory explanation and proof that the order was not delivered according to the order requirements before proceeding to cancel the order. Unfortunately, once an order has been canceled, it cannot be restored. "

They violated their own TOS.


(and yes, I’m sure it’s legal, but I don’t see how any service provider can risk working with a company that can freely cancel orders after completion wasting your time, money, and effort).

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That sounds pretty shady to me. Legal or Not? I am pretty sure it is. Is it bad business? Yes!

You basically donated your time, effort, money and results. Bad karma.

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Hello, we need more details on what your gig offers exactly as in the description, and what exactly was delivered. Otherwise we have no way of judging this.


This is the work requested, the sketch was provided by the client:

This was a custom offer:

This was the work provided by me:

Check the date the work was delivered:

This was the pointless exchange with customer service:


I couldn’t get the conversation to enlarge. I suggest you ask to have someone else review this at CS.

I assume you sent this picture you did to CS.

You could say something like:

“May I please have someone else there look at this job I delivered to the customer as it is complete as was described”. There is no need at this point to keep arguing with this CS rep.

I hope you get a new pair of eyes at CS to look at what you sent the buyer.


Thank you, that’s a very good suggestion.


Please let me know how it goes. Your design looks perfect to me.

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Thank you very much and I will. Clearly this affects all service providers. I’m fortunate the amount was under $50, but imagine some jobs that people charge hundreds for being refunded purely on a whim. It should scare all of us.

There are lots of shady buyers on Fiverr… it is a shame that any website will have some less then ethical people who don’t play by the rules and cost good sellers time and money. Alas tis the way.

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That is why it’s up to us sellers to go to war when it happens in whatever way is allowed, by which I mean letting CS know this happened and being persistent.

In the op’s case I hope he included a screenshot of his buyer saying he can’t be bothered to ask for revisions so he is getting his money back.


It has only happened to me once and it was only a $15 gig that the customer ended up getting for free. I just blocked the customer, licked my wounds and got back to work. I didn’t chase the buyer to keep the sale because I didn’t want a bad review just for the sake of one dis-honest seller.

It’s clear the OP put in a lot of work to make a top notch design so he should be paid as far as I can tell, especially if the buyer said he was getting a refund because he didn’t want to be bothered to ask for revisions.

That’s my take on this based on what has been relayed here but other’s opinions may vary.

I wish I could read what the CS rep. said but that won’t enlarge.

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so true! They are like some thieves. Being inconsistent in giving order details.

I am facing the same problem at this moment and it’s a $175 worth order gig!

I may add some notes to my gig, that I will cancel a job at earlier stage whenever the buyers won’t provide detailed explanation of what to do. I don’t care for my rating and so on and so on. I just will not work for free anymore.

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It looks like from fiverr response that buyer asked for a refund based on the op didn’t deliver it on time :woman_shrugging: Which is even more confusing because they can easily see delivery date on the order

It is a pretty unfair situation where we are forced to work for free or basically nothing… My mistake was the send the file in a zip so it could not be watermarked. Then the customer just claimed that there was an issue with the video and canceled the order. I watermark everything now.

Well I allow fiverr to watermark my work.

How were you able to read that???

Yeah, that is pretty weird.

OP, did you promise early delivery or anything like that? I’m not sure why the support agent would highlight the time-sensitive nature of the job when you delivered on time.

I assumed it from this part
(I could zoom the screenshots)

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there’s always time stamp at the left bottom in each order gig page conversation thread

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