Fiverr vrs Videohive - Sell the service. But make the customer purchase the License


Fiverr is a great community, and I’m happy to see it growing, allowing people across the world make a living making what they love. It’s really amazing.

I see a great opportunity of business when I saw an author that sells the service of project customization of Videohive, Pond 5, and others. Its great, because the seller will win, with the sell of the license, and the Fiverr author will win as well, delivering a quality service and been paid for that.

I’m an Videohive author, and if some other autor come to me telling that want to sell customization for my projects, man, I want to hug him. Every customer needs a license and a customization. We will win together.

But when i see a project like the “I will create a high quality stick figure explainer animation”, it make me very sad.

Well, it is a template customization service, because I created this project at Videohive, but the customer has no way to know that, because it is not clear on the Gig. The project name was changed from ‘Pictogram Character Kit’ to ‘Pictorius’. Nobody never contact me to ask me if I would allow this kind of decharacterization.

And just remembering, every license can be used for one final user only.

Well, in this case, I lose, because I’m felling cheated. The customer lose, because he is misleaded. And the Fiverr autor lose, because he knows that it is not a fair play.

All the best for all the comunitty.


I’m with you sir, I feel the same way as I too am a VideoHive author and when I get the opportunity I report those who sell templates here from VideoHive without a license, in most cases you can tell because the price is much lower than the cost to license the file from VideoHive.

I wish more could be done somehow to block this kind of behavior.


your profile @twodeadfrog reminds me of pictogram character kit. PS If it yours that was a great project. My question is, what if someone asks for customization then sends me the template, do I need a license? And as for reselling it’s normal that people sell at a lower price imagine a template worth 30$ on videohive (commercial license) then someone resells at 15$ to many customers, is that legal?


Hi! Indeed, it’s my project :slight_smile:. Thank you.

As I understand this question, no one but the real author, via Videohive (in my case I’m a exclusive author) can sell the license of use for one project (the AE project is consequence). There is no reselling possibility.

Even the extended license don’t cover this possibility: “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users can be charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee.” In other words, you can create a video, for instance video-lessons about something, and sell this videos to final users to watch.

I understand that you can sell the customization service. And in this case, respecting that every final product (or video) for you or your client must to have a license, no matter if you or your client have purchased it.

The After Effects project in this case is just a vehicle to you archive the final product. The Videohive authors don’t sell AE projects, they sell a license of use of an intellectual creation. In your use you can customise it as you need, and use for a final product.

For customise it, you need to have a technical knowlage. Well, if you don’t have it, you can hire some one to do it for you. But the final product must to have a license.

The main issue here is: when you license the project, you have the AE projects forever. Why shouldn’t you use this project forever for many different final products? Well, just because it is not what you agreed to pay for when you bought it.

What you do with the project after you delivery the project is up to you and your ethic.


I never knew that. What if someone asks for source files?


Well, the way I understand it Phantompower, when you agreed to buy the
project, you agreed to use it in a single product. If it doesn’t fill your
needs, for example, you don’t need the entire project, just a part, I think
the best way is talk with the author and explain what you need. Let him
know what you need and for what. Talk is a good way in this case :grinning: