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Fiverr VS Ebay


Hello, my fellow Fiverrs. Lately, I have come to the realization that Fiverr is similar to Ebay in a lot of ways. That is a HUGE compliment! The sellers, buyers, feedback system, but I like Fiverr’s fixed price system (not counting upgrades) and the fact that they have a customer support team that is accessible, unlike Ebay, who never answered my emails.

Have you noticed this or is Fiverr in a league of its own?



I haven’t been on eBay in years and the last time I was there I was ripped off so I hope to goodness that fiverr is NOT like eBay


Fiverr is certainly better to me that Ebay ever was, so I agree.


fiverr is more “hometown” where ebay is more "corporate"

I could never sell any of my services on ebay, but i can on fiverr.

Plus unless you physically SHIP an item with a tracking number, people can do chargebacks, and you are out all that…


Reply to @caiterz: Good points. Actually, since a lot of people are doing business on Fiverr, I think it can cater to the corporate market as well and I see a lot of Ebay sellers who are anything but corporate. LOL