Fiverr vs. freelance projects



I’ve been active as freelance designer for quite a while, mainly for bands via

My core business is custom design projects for cd artwork packaging.

I recently noticed Fiverr and like the concept but I am wondering how it will rub off on my other clients.

I mean, how can I justify someone paying several hundred dollars while I offer for $5 on Fiverr?

Sure, I can explain there’s a difference in amount of hours spent etc, but I can’t help but think it will have a negative effect on my established business.

How are your experiences with this?



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Keep it separate, I also freelance alongside my gigs here on Fiverr. What I offer on Fiverr is different to what I offer as a freelancer. My Fiverr gigs are condensed/low cost and are designed to be simple and straight forward. If people on Fiverr wants more detailed work done then they can pay the freelancing price tag.

While my freelance work is a lot more intense/expensive and go into much more detail with studio production in mind. Make sure they a both distinct if not it will damage your freelancing business.


Most people offer the basics for $5, then they can go more in-depth and go beyond that once you acquire levels(takes about a month if you take Fiverr seriously.), and from there you can break down your extras and easily get people ordering extras in excess of upto $165 per order as a Level 2 seller. Although even at that price, in some cases it’s still a pretty big discount. You do also have to keep in mind as well that are you counting your advertising counts to get those orders? I like Fiverr as it is a nice way to promote a product or service without having to burn through money to get exposure. In your case if you have an already established business with designing, maybe offer more simplistic designs on Fiverr or something else you currently don’t already offer and offer it here to appeal to your already built up clients. I think in a lot of cases, the users established their reputation solely from Fiverr and didn’t have a prior business or operation of any sort going on beforehand. Others most likely benefit as you will find more people wanting to buy at a discounted price and thus, your profit margin is potentially bigger working with Fiverr and buyers here are generally more understanding when you compare time investment with a standard gig order.


Yeah I was thinking similar things. As it stands Im just worried to offend customers who’ve recently signed up for a normal project. They read my Facebook page as well, so if they suddenly see me promoting “get art for 5” I wouldnt like it if I was them.

Sure I can then explain the differences, but thats “repairing” damage, which in my experience already sets you on the backfoot.

Im not saying Fiverr is not going to work for me, I just want to have a good answer for these concerns as my established business is too precious to harm. Advertisement is minimal for me, most work comes from word of mouth references.




Well, I suppose then the basis of all your answers would be, what made you join Fiverr in the first place and is it needed for you? If you have a successful business set up, why offer additional services elsewhere? Perhaps try and dabble in something new on Fiverr you have always wanted to try but didn’t want to do that may have risked your businesses reputation. Perhaps Fiverr could be a good testing ground for further expansion of services you could offer and a nice additional supplemental income, of course.


Keep the both type of business separate. Many freelancers are using stock sites and fiverr for earning them money during slog days. And it does work well to get yourself engaged in slog days. If possible try to separate the identity in such way that it does not affect your other work. That is always better way to manage.


Hi all,

Thanks for the good answers, really helpful. I will give it some more though and shape it into something that works for me. I do like the low entry barrier character of Fiverr so yeah I see it as an addition to my existing business.


My advice is to jus put up the gigs you will get alot of orders if your giving out quality work