Fiverr vs freelancer


So, I tried fiverr for the first time because of an google analytic ad that popped in frame. So far I haven’t had a harder time spending my money. I initially wanted a signature logo as advertised in the portfolios, the first seller I ran into failed to deliver quality work and I allowed him a revision, but he was unable to deliver a final product.

Dispute accepted.

Next seller, I’ve upped my ticket with him paid the extra for the fast delivery and now we are going on day 3 and no response from the seller. How can I spend my money here?


Indeed many sellers here are most definitely not qualified.
When choosing a seller, it is very important to not go according to who is cheapest, rather who has great reviews, is presented well, and his gig is well explained.
It also never hurts to message your seller before ordering, to better ‘feel’ him.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice. The only vetting I did was look at the reviews I chose by review count and score. Although a few catfish profiles and anyones reviews could be great.


@miahbdanky Graphic design is an industry that is being dragged down by a lot of people that downloaded Photoshop from a torrent site and think they are designers.

There are a lot of people on Fiverr trying to make an extra buck by claiming they can do things they really can’t, They steal portfolios and clipart from google.

Be careful when you choose your seller. It’s hard to find a fit. :slight_smile: Take a look over my gigs and see if I can help.



I would also suggest checking on their most recent delivery date, the last time they got a review and how spread apart they are. Someone can get 50-60 great reviews and then get bored or have other issues. If they drift away, partly or entirely, for awhile that profile still looks fine.

It isn’t unusual for a seller to occasionally take some time off (especially this time of the year.) Still, if they haven’t delivered anything in 8 months or they got 3 reviews over all of 2016 but 50 in 2015, be cautious. Sending them a message should tell you if they are still active and responsive, so that helps.

There are some truly talented people here and you can get a lot for a little money. It’s like a junk shop that also has antiques, though, you may have to sort through some worthless dishes and accidentally buy a $5 cracked teapot before you stumbled onto a real diamond in a $15 vintage ring! :slight_smile:


In most categories there are a mix of “I can do that” along with the ones who actually did it long before Fiverr. (If I start doing logos or VO when I join Fiverr, I’m not likely to be very good.) Many of the categories have a low barrier to entry, so anybody can claim they are great.

The “sending a message” suggestion by @fonthaunt is right on.

Here’s another tactic I find useful (people have done this to me). If it’s an important project, see if you can get some type of sample for $5 or $10. Figure out a way to buy their cheapest gig, and just see how they do. That will provide insights into their working style and delivery. IF you are just looking for the lowest price, then it’s a different animal.

Also note some buyers don’t do a great job specifying what they want OR what they want is far beyond what they are willing to invest. I suspect that doesn’t apply to you, but it happens all the time when you’re on the other end.



As being a seller here for few years know, I find that if you want to get fast reply from seller, just send him 2-3 messages in the private inbox (not the order page). I think if he is busy, he would still immediately see your messages and do according job.


@vasily17 I can’t really agree with you here. Sending a seller 1 message is fine. Sending a seller 2-3 message in a hurry and expecting a fast answer is spam and harassment. A skilled seller will usually answer a message within a few hours to a day. Sellers have to sleep, eat, take care of families. A skilled and busy seller might not even want to work with a buyer who would send multiple messages in a row and expect immediate response.


Fiverr has lots of professionals, though some are still amateur. Hence, you need to scan through different profiles, check their reviews and try to communicate with the seller before you place an order.


You have to be careful from the sellers who are not actually sellers. I have seen more than 20 such people…They are doing something like buying and selling. Because of those people, the reputation of Fiverr is diminishing. I have reported such people to fiverr. But they havent taken any action



I respectfully disagree. Send them 1 message and see how they respond. There is a balance.

If you send me 2-3 messages, and I’m busy, I’m not going to stop everything and respond every time. I will respond to the first one as soon as possible, but getting multiple messages from someone I don’t know, who is new to Fiverr, isn’t going to make me want to work with you.

(You’ll see I average an hour for the first response.)

If you want to work with the better sellers, you should respect their time too. Someone like me prioritizes existing repeat clients before someone new.


May be you are bought your gig from Unprofessional Seller. Fiverr is best place for Buyers, you need to comparision of sellers and Bought gig with genuine seller who have excellent reputation. Thanks


As a seller I think you should always be honest to your buyers.

If you think you are not up for the job then say it before the person orders your Gig. Then it’s up to him if he desires to give you a chance or not. I guess this is one reason a dispute happens, amongst others…

And as a buyer, ask the right questions if you’re not sure! Check out the reviews, Portfolio, etc…


I think you should always be honest to your buyers.