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Fiverr waived off service fee

Hi, Is it the right information that Fiverr waived off service fee? Because I ordered two times and they are not charging any service fee?

Is it happening with you also fiverrians ??

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What do you mean by waived off? Do you mean the fee just wasn’t there anymore, or you some something that told you the fee was waived?

Yeah im talking about the fee they were charging around 2$ when you order some gig…

I know what fee you mean. I was asking if the fee was just missing or if you saw something that told you it had been waived. If that doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it. The last two times I bought gigs I paid the fee, but I haven’t purchased a third gig.

I was also paying fee for purchasing but in the last 2 order they did not charge. I am confused is the fees waived off or some technical error?

Not quite sure, in my case is still there…

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So am i the lucky man here :slight_smile:

The service fee is still there, and Fiverr made no public announcement on this regard. More so, the TOS page still shows the service fees information, which means it’s still there.

So you might want to check your bank transaction history and see if Fiverr did or didn’t charge that fee, because I suspect your browser may have not shown that part and you were still charged that fee. If that’s not the case, then there’s something going on behind the scenes :wink:


placed order today and paid service fee.

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