Fiverr Wanting My Phone Number


The fact that I have bought and paid for multiple gigs proves who I am and that I pay as well as tip. They claim it is for security but I am not interested in Fiverr having my phone number. If it is a requirement to keep using Fiverr then that is their problem and I do not need them.


Yes, it is mandatory for ALL buyers and sellers now to provide a phone number for a one-time verification.

You may wish to open a ticket with Customer Support to lodge a complaint.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Honestly, after 7 years on this platform and having gone through one bad hacking event where I lost hard earned money, the phone verification is one of the best security features I could’ve wished for, and it makes sense since other big players use this method as well, such as Big “G” :wink:

I now feel a lot safer knowing that other people cannot hack my account again since there’s only 1 phone number associated with my account and that’s my phone.

If you don’t have something to hide, it shouldn’t be much of a problem to verify your phone :smiley:

P.S. did you know that a lot of fake spamming/scamming sellers were removed from Fiverr just with this feature alone?! It’s crazy good :smiley: It makes the entire marketplace be less spammy :wink:


Phone verification doesn’t do much to prevent hacking but it does prevent allot of phishing and other type of scams where users are tricked in to giving their passwords, security answers etc.

I haven’t verified my phone yet and im not sure if it will work as its a service number. Still its just 3.50€ to setup a separate number for fiverr and slap the sim card in the server.


Everyone on fiverr has verified their phone number, or soon will, so that’s the requirement to prevent problems. So the choice to provide that is yours to make.


Why don’t you want to get phone verified? What do you have to hide?


The answer is obvious, phone verification reveals that you can operate at least one of these, a computer, a tablet or a phone…


It’s so they can call you and wish you good night.