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Fiverr warning mail receving


i am getting warning from fiverr ,i think someone hacked my id.what can i do now?


If you can login, do so and change your password, then contact support. If not contact support.

Don’t click any links in the email in case of phishing.


Thanks,but how can i directly contact with fiverr contact support?

Here’s the email:


thank u for sending mail id

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How exactly did you come to this conclusion? What happened?

No, creating another account is against TOS and is a quickfire way to never being allowed back with any ID on Fiverr. Contact CS and be patient.


I am new seller on fiverr,As far as i know i didn’t do any activities which managed myself to get two warning frequently through mail from fiverr.

Thanks ,I will be waiting

tarekboss ohh no

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No regret boss,where there is a problem,There is a solution as well,one more thing i want to tell you that if you get any job offer don’t share this info with jealous people,Don’t share your id and gigs with them,they will try to pull you down,I am an chartered accountant and certified quickbooks & xero advisor.I am working on other market place with 97% positive review,but getting toxic lesson on fiverr.But looking forward to get solution from fiverr authority.

Hello there

I am grateful to fiverr,Eagerly waiting to get back my gigs soon.