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Fiverr Warning messege

I have sent my order details to gig 3 times. But he says he can not see details and there may be a bug in fiverr.

Then i sent him details buy contact and i got a fiverr warning messege as below.

"Hi soulappsworld,

You may not offer or accept services that potentially violate third parties’ terms of service.

Note: These warnings may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status.


The Fiverr Team"

whats this?? i have not done anything wrong here.

I have no idea what might be related to your order details. What I can see in your profile is that you have a 3rd party link and this will probably be fragglesrocked (censored) out but I see it as You also have something in your profile that says “Let uye anu source code and start to earn.” That doesn’t make sense to me, so maybe it’s typos or you tried to put some HTML in your profile? I’m just doing random guesswork looking at your profile but I am thinking the 3rd party link is at least part of why you got a warning.

Yeah, @fonthaunt is correct. It’s a basic case that you are not only trying to sell something that isn’t yours to sell, but you are directing people to an off-Fiverr site to do it.

Read the Fiverr Terms of Service:

Is this the same type of warning you get if you type words like pay or money or conatct in a message?