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Fiverr warning permanently removed after 30 days?

Fiver gave me warning 1 year ago for link pasting in quora but now fiverr warning and said its your 1st warning and avoid for 30 days…Main point is this that fiverr remove warning after 30 days from our profile?


Thanks for posting. I also know about this clearly. i posted this topic several months ago but not getting clear information. I wish this time i will get.

No one really knows. We can only speculate.

But I assume it depends on what you did. If it was something very bad, then I assume it sticks. I did hear some people’s warnings went away, for others they stayed for years. So instead of trying to figure out how much the warning will stay, try to focus on avoiding the issues and reading the rules. My 2 cents.


This is what can happen: Don’t do it! … You Have Been Warned!