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Fiverr warning to see

Dear Fiverr community,
I have a problem, please see it

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That’s not a problem. I get that message sometimes too (even without ad blocking software). Just confirm you are not a robot and fill out the CAPTCHA if needed.



This one is actually quite funny

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Is not problem?
But often it show in front

I don’t underhand you

just tick the box “I am not a robot”, because you are not a robot… right? Than select some of the boxes in the graphic (everyone is different… can’t help you with that one)


But I have never seen such a thing before. Is that the case for everyone?

What exactly is the problem here? are you a robot? it’s simple just tick the box


yes, first few log in. I have not seen it for a week or so now.

I mean, why is it being shown and whether it will be a problem later?

ohm, Thank you for your argument

It’s to check and make sure you’re not a robot, it won’t affect anything. Many other websites use this same thing when users login sometimes.

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thank you very much for your suggestion

That’s not a problem. Click on the box and do verify you are not Robot.

Are you logged in using multiple browsers or even devices?

Are you using a browser refresh plugin?