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Fiverr: Warning! You are late in delivering order!


I have just received an email from fiverr to tell me that I’m late in delivering an order.

The order was from a guy who wants me to fix his website, the work was going well but 2 or 3 days he disappeared i tried to contact his several times but he was unresponsive so i decided to give him some time maybe he is busy.

I forgot about that until few minutes ago when i received the warning!

Why Fiverr does not remind sellers at least one or two hours before the time’s up instead of ruining everyone’s gig ?

Fiverr kind of expects you to stay on top of your own workload. I’d guess that their philosophy is that if you can’t motivate yourself to stay on top of your work, buyers will find someone who is. If you look in your queue, you’ll see how long you have left on every order in that queue. I’d recommend setting yourself up a schedule, either electronic or paper, where you can leave yourself notes about orders and put in when they’re due. Putting an order in your phone’s calendar, for example, so it would send you an alert on the day it’s due might be a good solution for instances like this.