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Fiverr Warnings two

My account is coming 2 Warnings TOS 3rd Warnings is denid my account?
can you tell me more details.

Hello designdanu, if I understand correctly, you were warned twice by Fiverr for going against Fiverr’s TOS. If so, you need to go through the terms of service again just to be sure what exactly you’re doing wrong.

If it so happens that your account has been denied, perhaps as a result of the “3rd strike” then you may need to contact Fiverr’s CS to check if you can get your account activated again.

Best of luck :slight_smile:

Depending on what you did, your account can get permanently banned without a warning.

Considering that you already broke the rules twice, you better not do it again, or you will lose your account.


thanks. i got it :smiley: