Fiverr was blessed upon me


I don’t know why come to write here in Fiverr Forum.

I just need to finish my story in 1 line because i’m busy on completing my first orders.

And the story is___

" I created this fiverr account yesterday night & got my first sell after 30 minits from publishing my gig. I dont know how to express my love for Fiverr or my first Buyer.

For some recent family losses i came to fiverr to find a way to earn using my skills while i’m completing my

May be some of you understand my excitement or may be not But believe upon you & break all the walls stands in your way. May be thats the only secret weapon for success.

Thanks to All.


Aw - that’s lovely to hear!

All the best for the future!


Fiverr changes lives… Changed mine… so happy for you !!


@tariq I don’t see any gigs in your profile


Because that is NOT his profile. He did say he created it yesterday, I am confused as to what his real profile ID is…


But sir, i’m currently have 1 gig… as i created my id last night. 1 order in Queue. my only 1 & first gig on Wordpress


Could you post your profile link here?


Is it okay to post my id link here ?


Is this your correct profile id?


@mjensen415 This new user has a bug with their forum profile id.
His actual ID is “Tariq_” but it is currently linked to “Tariq”


no… you have to put a underscore after tariq


Do you guys have any inquery or doubt about my Topic’s story, feel free to ask. :innocent:


I have tagged the forum staff on my post above. Hopefully this can be sorted out for you.


As far as I know selling a paid stuff (wp themes) on fiverr is restricted
Multiple accounts too


Sir, I’m a newbie on fiverr. I’m so respect when I come across a senior… please… suggest me… how can I fix my profile? And that 100+ paid theme is changed… cause I’m learning making theme by html5+css etc…
I need some guideline as I’m im a newbie. & amature…


great @tariq keep rocking and be advise to use multiple accounts. Because fiverr may ban you . As well as read all @fiverr terms and services for more information about fiverr rules and regulations :slight_smile:


If YOU read the terms and conditions, you’ll see that multiple accounts aren’t allowed, so please don’t advise anybody else to try it!

One account per person only.


why you said that sir ? :frowning: I was never intend to break the rules & regulation of fiverr. I did not know this 2 forum & fiverr account have to be same. I f I know I would not do that… I read the rules& regulation. Please. guys don’t be rude with me… Give me advise …:frowning: You 're making me afraid.


Hi there!

It’s not a problem on your end - please don’t worry! It was just a problem with in link in your forum profile - it’s not going to your Fiverr profile - I’m sure it’ll get fixed soon - nothing you’ve done wrong!


All the best and a good tip don’t lose this and don’t get to arrogant and try to deal with every client as it is your first and you will rock it :wink: Good luck


Thanks, Man. First Order completed. Already I income over 248+ Dollar without fiverr fee. Along with 7 five star review. Thanks, for your compliment.