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Fiverr Water Mark on Completed Work

Hi All,

A lot of new buyer`s asking to remove the fiverr watermark from their delivered projects. They also add revisions to remove it. If it was big project we have to re upload it and explained to customer about the water mark appearance.

I think fiverr team need to improve this, If you can add a message to delivered works that saying “fiverr water mark is displaying because of fiverr online preview” or something. that will be really helpful to sellers and buyers. Hope team will note on this point and looking here a solution / suggestions from you all.

Thank you,

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Have you tried, whenever you deliver, adding a note yourself? Something like

and then explain to them that once the order is marked as complete, the watermark will be removed?


Solid advice, however this is 100% crappy product design on Fiverr’s part.

I get this on 4/10 orders I deliver.

If it’s not clear to even one customer they need to fix it.

It adds friction to our orders, and it also delays clearing of funds for both us and the platform.

In extreme cases it even leads to negative reviews.

So yes adding a note is helpful but Fiverr needs to fix this, like yesterday.


Thank you! noted on this, yeah it will work

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Agreed. Hope fiverr will give a solution without adding notes on delivery.

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Buyer do that are not fair clients that why they asking for removing the watermark

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Actually, I need low resolution copies without the watermark so I can show my client what that artist has done for their approval. If they approve, I approve it on fiverr and download the high res copies.

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It doesn’t work like that :wink: you are reeling someone’s work from fiverr and don’t want your client to know that they could’ve paid less for that service.
The only way to get files without watermark is to approve an order.

By the way, can you guys tell me if you are talking about video and image files? Is your final delivery an image or a video?