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Fiverr website bug issue, so far a problem 3+ months

Every time I use Fiverr I get an email saying: “Share your feedback privately on the delivery from xxxxx”
The same message shows under notifications on Fiverr.

But, when clicking the message link, either from email or on fiverr’s notifications, I get this error message:

“Whoops, we’re having some unexpected problems. Our site is down, but we’re working hard to get it fixed”.

Fiverr’s website is never down when getting this message.

Fiverr working hard to get it fixed?? I doubt Fiverr’s IT folks are even aware of the problem.

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Sounds like the old cookie/cache issue.
When they do website updates they often forget to wipe old cookies and everything goes haywire.

It sucks to do, but I’ve found that 99% of the time it works to clear your browser cache and cookies and use Chrome as your browser (Years ago the dev team stated that’s what they develop for)

After clearing, when you re-login fresh, things usually magically start working again.


Thanks, you hit it right on. Appreciate your solution.

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Great! Glad it worked for ya! :grinning: