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Fiverr website bug

Several times, when I tried to access the Fiverr website, it drops me to Fiverr error, can’t reach the website.
So several attempts got to the Fiverr order section uploaded order to the customer, and boom again same problem.
Tell me how I can get my order to the customer if the website crashes?


It works only from different browsers, always getting problem with CHROME , please stuff fix that bugs. We pay 20% from each order to you for service :slight_smile:

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I’ve always had trouble with certain servers as well. One of my favorite ones just stopped functioning with Fiverr somehow; I can’t even login. So I use another one just for Fiverr. Sadly I don’t have a solution, but thanks for posting. I thought it was just me :woman_facepalming:t2:

@oskars25, it’s happen sometimes when the long time fiverr doesn’t use, but the websit session is running. So you need the browser close and reopen the then the websit running without error.
you can contact with customer care.

It doesn’t make sense, i am online each day for most of the day. How can you tell me i need to re open it again. I clearly stated there i did serveral times