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Fiverr website extremely slow and not responding

Hello Everyone,
Am I the only one having problems with the Fiverr website?
It is very slow and keep throwing “page not responsive” errors. This is affecting both the deliveries (it takes ages to send the deliverables to buyers) and the funds clearance (I spent the last hour to collect a project revenue, which is unacceptable - if I have to spend that much time to clear my funds, it makes using Fiverr anti-economic).
I’ve experienced that problem since day one, which was about a month ago, and I did not report it earlier because I thought it was a temporary issue… but it evidently is not.
Is someone working on fixing that?
And how can I collect my money, if the web interface doesn’t work and the mobile one doesn’t provide the function?


i dont know i am not having problems here in india
i thinks its due to your internet
please check your internet speed here

No, it is not an issue related to connection speed: I experienced the same from different locations, including one where there is ultra-fast fiber-optic network.

No issue at all.
All is fine for me.

which country you’re in ?
other sellers or buyer are facing same issue in your country or city?
check on different devices

I’m in Italy but I do not know any other buyer or seller here; untill now I’ve only worked for buyers from the US.

I’m accessing the website via Google Chrome, on an Ubuntu laptop.

may be some issue with network in your country or city today
if this dont solves today contact customer care tomorrow

It is not just today; that has happened every single time I accessed the website since I subscribed (about a month ago).

contact customer support

No fiverr is working well they are giving good service