Fiverr website is down frequently


Since like a week ago I’ve been having problems with loading Fiverr for checking and answering buyers requests. Seems it is down for few minutes and then it goes live again for another few minutes. It is quite annoying.

This only happens on the main domain “”. If I visit the forum ( it loads without problems.

Are you experiencing the same? I’m pretty sure it is not my Internet connection because when Fiverr doesn’t load, all other pages that I visit loads perfectly.


I’ve had times recently where the site stops responding while I’m clicking on messages or notifications. It seems to freeze. The forum is a different site technically.


Sometimes, it’s firewall and antivirus settings that might affect a page load performance as they automatically scan the website pages for potential threats or viruses when you are visiting or even refreshing a web-page.

Temporary files/ browser cache files/ browser cookies might affect a page load performance or web page functioning.

There are tons of website available that can let you know if the particular website is down just for you or for everybody else.


Great! never came to my mind.