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I was using fiverr web(Desktop PC) sending Buyer Request more often and has no problem with it. But when i use my mobile app using chrome app(Tablet) it wont show. I cannot see buyer request link in main page website when i viewing the website. Do you guys have same issue? I have checked fiverr app but the buyer request section is not user friendly, refreshing the request is more difficult when you need to swipe down. Sometimes it wont refresh and sending request is more pain when typing my request. There are no preview of current buyer request only text box of your proposal. How could we get a solution for this matter?

I am fine with PC based system even though it has many bugs But my situation is going bad to worse when our country facing power crisis, now there are 4 hour power cut ongoing so usage of my pc is difficult even with the ups(1Hr max). So i am trying to get my sales up with new clients and this is a pain with mobile app.

Do you guys have any solutions?


Its a common problems on using fiverr web page on mobile or tablet. You will get little more benifite to using fiverr apps. There also some problem on refreshing as you say but better then chrome apps. Most of browser are design for the large screen like pc or laptop So some of limitations on its apps version, as why we can’t see the preview of current buyer . You also say about power crisis. I think the best idea will be to buy a laptop, this is also costly too. Wish you best of luck.