Fiverr Website traffic gigs


Is it advisable to buy Fiverr Website traffic gigs? All of them say that they have REAL HUMAN VISITORS. However, if all of them have real human visitors how can they guarantee clicks if they are human?
Moreover, should I go for the gigs which say they will promote my website to some people or should I go with them who say can bring REAL HUMAN VISITORS?


This is a very good question and you have obviously put some thought into it.
There is a lot of people who offer this service and so there is no definite answer unfortunately! Like anything you are not sure of, it is better to ask for specifics, try a small order first and then see what the results are.
Below is a link to a post made by a traffic seller and I believe the explanation of the different types of traffic is very useful and accurate.

Please note, I have worked with this seller but I have never ordered his traffic gigs so I am simply recommending his forum post, I know nothing about his services.


Go spend the money on ads instead. Even if it brings just 2-10 people from ads, at least it won’t be as big a waste of money as ordering traffic from Fiverr. I’m sure there may be a few legitimate sellers but it’s not worth spending money trying to find them.


I second this. There are advertisement sites like BuySellAds, in addition to the usual Facebook, Twitter and Adwords which offer banner space on real websites, seen by real people.

But I wouldn’t write off all sellers of traffic on Fiverr. There are some who mention their blog url and traffic details and previous traffic data, click through rates etc. These sellers are legit sellers of high quality niche traffic.

Then there are also low quality (but real traffic) sellers, these come mainly from traffic exchange sites. If you’ve ever seen the banner ads on URL shortener sites which say “wait for 3 seconds for this advert to expire”, that is where your advert gets posted when you buy traffic from exchange sites. It’s low quality, non-niche targetted, generic traffic of random netizens surfing the web and waiting for their 3 seconds to get over, but the ads will be seen by real people and get real traffic if the viewer clicks on it.

If someone has a random niche blog (trivia, gossip, click bait, cat pics), they might appreciate such low quality traffic more than professionals looking for niche traffic or real leads.