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Fiverr, what about a notification box?


I would love to have a special notification box on seller profiles.

I think a lot of seller would take advantage of this box by posting their hours, upcoming vacations (especially for regular buyers), promotional discounts (such as buy 10 get 1 free), or other important info’s regarding certain gigs etc…

We need something else in addition to the regular description box. Something that stands out and grabs the attention of buyers.

Any thoughts?

I need Christmas off. Dare I pause?

Awesome, Anna! :smiley:

Now, the only things I can immediately think of that could grab the attention of buyers are:

  • putting some sort of ribbons on the gigs in search results like “Discounts available”, or “Limited Promotion”, etc.

  • and/or adding new search filters for promotions, discounts, working hours (timezone-sensitive), etc.


Awesome Idea :bulb:
I suggest name like Banner Box or Status Box/Bar or Status banner :smiley:


sounds good!!! :slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile::tada:


@annai80 As you can see, some sellers already implement some of your suggestions in their own way:


Glad you found my blog. I don’t believe in buy 10, do 1 free, but I do believe in lower prices for special occasions, and sometimes custom offers.