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Fiverr, what on Earth are you doing?

I’m not having it: for the past few days, Fiverr’s gone from adorably glitchy to absolutely dysfunctional. First it started with the new Inbox - every time I open a new message, the reply box disappears. I need to refresh the page, sometimes use a different browser to do it. It takes me twice as long to reply to messages because of that which in turn frustrates me even further.

Then, it was The Glitch. I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this or if it’s just my account (I tried it on different browsers and different computers, and it’s all the same) but for the past week, my response time has dropped, I’m constantly racing against the clock, and my frustration levels are through the roof. When I open any page, I get a 403 Forbidden message (including Fiverr support desk so I can’t even get the issue fixed!) The site just breaks down for a good 15 minutes every half an hour or so. You can imagine how this feels.

And now is the location. I’m based in the UK and my location has been set to the UK ever since I joined Fiverr. I haven’t moved, gosh, I haven’t even travelled in the past 6 months and yet, my location has been miraculously set to Bulgaria. What on Earth is going on? I wish I was in Bulgaria, that would’ve been a nice holiday, but I’m still here, under the (I must admit, unexpectedly bright and sunny) Scottish sky.

I think with the recent changes Fiverr rolled in, their whole system is getting glitchy. They’re releasing updates, new processing fees and sweeping everything under the rug. I’ve submitted help ticket after help ticket only to get a generic response that, more often than not, has nothing to do with my issue.

I’m getting sick of it, really.


did you clear browser data and check?

Hmm, I am from BG (Bulgaria), I am using google chrome latest version, I am on Windows 10 PRO and I am using first generation i7 procesor and 8 GB of RAM. Have never met such a problems…

I think you should contact CS (Fiverr Customer Support), I think they might be able to fix that for you:

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@dimana_att Try and clear browser data, i.e., cache, cookies, etc. You should only send one ticket; additional tickets will be seen as spam. Let us know if there are improvements.

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