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Fiverr, What The Hell Are You Doing?



No, Fiverr. I don’t want to pay MORE money to you in order to promote my gigs. If I wanted to do this, I would do it through google ads or Facebook ads.


surely they will earn more money through this but the quality gigs will rank less when this feature comes

and this will also result in less revenue for sellers who will not promote their gigs

will like to know your opinions @misscrystal @fonthaunt @uxreview @offlinehelpers @jonbaas @nikavoice


This is bad idea. Lot of poor quality gigs will be on top because of promoting.


But the mek sellers will!

Also, one serious flaw with this, is that sellers would be effectively paying for all the spam and nonsense messages they get from spammers and people who don’t have a clue what they are doing.

Anyway, if I were you I’d start planning around this. Fiverr doesn’t seem to do surveys like this to gauge real opinion. They seem to do it to test the waters before announcing the roll-out of whatever monster they have already created.


This has already been talked about.

The market is overly saturated. Fiverr has much more Sellers offering their services than Buyers looking for them.

Hence why they feel entitled to implement a poorly designed Monthly Evaluation System, terribly implemented “PRO” features and now, an opportunity to market your Gigs while taking more money off of sellers (despite having one of the largest 20% fees in the market).

What do all these changes have in common?

An attempt to maximize Company’s profits.

What message do they send to Sellers?

“There’s too many of you for us to care for you or consider you of any value.”

Side effects?

Repelling Sellers that offer true quality by punishing them with poor Monthly Evaluation System, promoting new Sellers that did nothing for the marketplace and now demanding a new cut on top of the largest fee on the market.

Don’t even get me started on non-existent “Paypal processing fee” they use as an excuse to charge buyers $6 instead of $5.

We’ll see how it pans out for the Company…


Indeed. All I will add is that with the serious flaws in this being so transparent, whoever had the idea must have been given an objective like: “Make us money fast before the roof falls off.” Not: “Hey, George, have any ideas how we can really make Fiverr better and more profitable for everyone?”

Also, regarding:

I was reading on another Fiverr forum that Pros with Pro gigs in one category now have to have all their gigs in the same category made Pro gigs. So yes, there does seem to be a bit of a Fiverr cash grab afoot.


Do you have a link?

Re: this whole PPC thing
Didn’t they try it with the promoted gigs which failed miserably?

Instead of adding value to their offering -like we are told to do as sellers- they try to make money off the top, just cause.


They tried a similar thing previously - it didn’t last very long.


I am 100% certain that if I posted a link, I would be flagged and banned from here forever :slight_smile:

I can quote though:

“It’s not that all gigs need to be PRO: when you’re in a sub-category, you can either have a PRO gig, or a regular gig: not both. Think of it like frowning over having multiple similar regular gigs in one sub-cat and the penalization.”


i never heard i’ve joined fiverr previous year how that feature worked ?

just checked found article on forum about it


There is a bit of a problem with this way of doing things, though. With what they tried previously, sellers could pay to be featured. This wants sellers to pay for clicks to their gig. In this case, it would be very easy to be sent into search oblivion by not paying. Moreover, the more sellers who get excited about the idea and start paying, the worse the effect will be on sellers who don’t pay… Until they do.

EDIT: Also, the ROI is impossible to measure and what would Fiverr charge for if you get 100 clicks a day on your gig already? I mean, how unless you weren’t in the search at all prior paying for clicks, would Fiverr know which clicks were coming to gigs because they are promoting you more and which you get anyway just for being awsome?

Pretty much sounds like a click stealth tax when you actually think about it.


Why the hell not :smiley:
Fiverr wants to increase revenue and there are thousands of sellers who are willing to pay.


yes but dont you think it will decrease the ranking and revenue of quality sellers and also they have worked hard to achieve that rank


It might, but if Fiverr is willing to take the risk then I don’t bother to waste my time on complaining about it. I’ll play along and see where it takes us. We don’t see any stats about the site so my guessing probably has less value that Fiverr’s data driven decisions


This entire year kind of moves in the direction of “lifelong achievements” not mattering much anymore and it’s a tad demotivating. Not that I think now I can do whatever I want after reaching a certain level but it’s not like achieving and maintaining that level was easy at any point.


fiverr please hire more ‘DOERS’ in the company instead of those ‘sharks head’.
(referring to their 1st DOERs video ads)


Yep. For me, Fiverr used to be about:

  • Create a great gig
  • Optimize this gig for the search
  • Get orders, complete them to the highest standard possible
  • After getting more orders and reviews, benefit from better search visibility
  • If the above doesn’t happen, tweak a gig to make it better

Now Fiverr is about:

We’re just going to scramble everything up… And make you pay more.


Seriously. How any of that is supposed to make you want to provide a better service or at least, you know, behave? :slight_smile: Ugh.


If they implement this, what is the point of monthly evaluation system and levels then?

If you lose level, you will just pay to promote your gig and won’t care about search rankings, placements, etc…

No need to worry about cancellations and late deliveries since you will just pay to get on top.


We don’t know the details yet, but I think PPC might actually bring some logic to the search results.

Right now if a buyer does a search they get pretty much random gigs, but with PPC you will see gigs from sellers who are investing in their gigs. Of course anybody can promote their gigs, but they won’t be able to keep it up for long unless they are providing high quality service and making money.