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Fiverr, What The Hell Are You Doing?


All competitors have to do is keep clicking on a gig over and over to send it into oblivion and eat up all your earnings. In one hour you see your earnings disappear. At least that was my experience with it when I tried it.

You can have a million clicks without one sale.


Probably someone would start a gig for that as well :grin:


Click fraud has been around for years and if Fiverr is smart about it then they will implement countermeasures.
I doubt it will be as effective as Google’s but the system will do some checks.


So if we search for something then we will see the PPC gigs first, or is the entire site going to be PPC?


How does Google’s work? That was a disaster for me when I tried it. Basically I gave Google $1200 for nothing. Thousands of clicks came within a couple of hours and poof–the money was gone. :tornado:


Can’t see this working out positively long-term so won’t get worked up about it :slight_smile:

PPC is the weakest method of organizing search results - it hinders the cream rising and gives a platform to no-hopers. Unfortunately, there is a constant stream of no-hopers who would drive up the price and it will increase the likelihood that buyers have a bad experience. That is the baseline for Fiverr - how do the buyers get on.


Most of the no-hopers don’t have $10 to spend on it.


Unless there is a reasonable minimum spend applied, there are enough to have a constant stream of $5 budgets. Consider that there are probably only going to be 4-5 paid ads shown each time.


So what would happen if each seller pay for this? What would happen if 1k sellers buy this in same time? Who will be first on the list? It will be even more messed up than now.


Maybe the entire first page of a search could be PPC gigs. There will be lots of disappointed sellers who paid and got no sales. They might never get a click or sale even if their gigs are first.

Or maybe the PPC gigs will have their own section.


Meh, unlikely but regardless, I doubt this will actually happen or if it does, I doubt it will last so not worth worrying about for me.


I think it might last because there will always be new sellers who come and want to get to the first page right away. They invest $10, $50 maybe even $100 before they give up and leave, but by that time you have another wave of newbies who want to do the same thing.


They can all click on each other’s gigs furiously.


Yeah, I get that - the reason I dont think it would last is not due to demand; its down to it giving bad experiences to buyers. Who wouldnt give it a try if they were quiet for a week (I probably would). I just don’t think PPC makes sense for the platform.

Still, perhaps all those Algorithm complainers might stop now when they realize that the solution being proposed for their issue is to have them pay more and more for an artificial boost.


Another level of seller can be added naming “Promoted Seller” and there will be some requirements to be filled up. These sellers will be able to subscribe this PPC service.


it will affect quality of gigs


Is this new PPC somehow tied to the level system? Offering some hope to the undeserving?


MySpace and Bebo are sitting somewhere saying the same thing - they INVENTED social media (kinda) and yet they got left behind.
Innovation, evolution and development is necessary in every business, even on Fiverr, so having a distinguished past is great in terms of convincing potential clients but for a platform to rest on its laurels is a sure way to failure.


I think fiverr sees the glut of non-performing gigs and is finding a way to monetize them.


mhmh, it can go either way. It depends on who will use it.
Even right now I see in search mixed results (newbies, TRS, sellers with low rating etc.) If they add a few PPC in the mix it might not change it that much.

Anyway, I think they will test it out. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.