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Fiverr when i can get money for affiliate program?

I attended affiliate program for Fiverr and got 75$ commission based on FTB.

Even though, my first commission from June/2017, second on July and third is August, and I submitted invoice but until now, no payment to me.

I send questions to Fiverr (opened total 5 tickets) and they answered but still not make payment.

Please let me know.



Yes,that is what i want to say.
Is not getting understand

dear sir,

any help to me??? I wait Fiverr reply though email but no reply.

I think you send another message to the support fiverr.

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Dear Mr Robin,

I sent email but no reply. Very sad with Fiverr, take so much time from me to get 75$.

You might try logging into the affiliate program at and see if there is a special support link or something. Other than that I don’t think there is much you can do but wait on Customer Support. No one on the forum has information about affiliate payments.

Affiliate page is
Fiverr general support is