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Fiverr whether you could help me

Can you help me, I feel angry with this why my account is always deactivated when not prohibit and not crafty, I hope that my account is not banned anymore because I had some great times and I lose my money gone

This is not Customer Support. We are Fiverr members just like you and can’t help you with this kind of problem.

The main reason accounts get banned on Fiverr is because the Terms of Service were not followed. When you signed up for membership on Fiverr, you said you had read and understood the Terms of Service.

I’ve registrant’s right with the real, but why and how it does not let you or prohibited as they

if I could be like you and them, secure account and how good orders


Wow, even I can’t come up with such a bad english. I have no idea what you are talking about. Please, you better use google translate, then someone may even answer your questions… If you have any, of course (I don’t see any question marks in the text above).

-Can you help me so that my account is safe and not prohibited how

Nobody can help you with that here. We are just users like you and can only help by giving advise. Saying that, I have no idea what you did wrong to get your account banned in the first place, but I’m sure they you received an e-mail or something with an explanation.

Like someone else pointed out already, it’s hard to understand from your English what the problem is really.

Best of luck!

thanks for the advice