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Fiverr 'White' Bug


Anyone having this problem (see attached):

I have no idea what happened. I woke up and this is how the page is looking for me. I can’t really click anywhere. Messages not working, dashboard not showing my orders. I have few in a queue which needs to be done really quick and I can’t check any details.

Is it only me and I should contact CS or is it fiverr system crash? Thank you in advance for your help!


I will join the club of “white bug”


Me too :slight_smile: . Maybe it’s browser dependent. Or cookies or something.

edit: It’s gone okay now - or seems to be.


Same, no messages, my order page is blank, tried 2 browsers, all the same


Thank you for your response! I just cleaned my cache and everything using CCleaner and everything is working now. Should try the same I guess.

Or maybe they solved it at the same time.


Can confirm, my top bar is white too. I kinda like it though :crazy_face:


they were doing something. Now it is working normally without clearing caches or anything. But, white background on top is terrible


Yeah, agree. Definitely, prefer dark one but it’s subjective.


As well as changing it to white, they’ve increased the height too. Now everything seems to take up more space and need a bit more scrolling. I don’t know if they’ve increased the number of lines shown for things like buyer requests or not.

edit: it doesn’t seem to show any more text on buyer requests but it seems to have added more blank area for each buyer request, wasting space and making you need to scroll more now :frowning:


I might be weird, but I LOVE :heart_eyes: the white design.

It was a shock at first, but it is so simple, clean and very modern.

Great design!


hahah.yeah, i guess white is the new black in 2018 ?! :smiley:


The site is working fine for me, but yeah, it’s white! Probably a design change, not a bug. I don’t know if I like it or not. It’s definately more modern and cleaner compared to the old design, so I don’t mind, but hey, it’s the same when Facebook changes something. Someone will complain because they hate change. Personally I love change as long as it’s for a REASON. Would love to hear something from the Fiverr team regarding their reasoning for this change.

But like I said, I don’t mind it. Just a bit unusual.

The problem with a pure white/light design for me, is that I love to work at night, and white sites hurt my eyes in a dark studio. I know many sites have a switch - a night mode - and I think this would fit nicely in with this design change. Make a night mode version, and a tiny switch at the top, and voila, everyone will be happy. :smiley:


FIverr updated their website so first time It’s taking time to load. When I try second time everything is fine. But this white color is not good :frowning:


is it really a bug or an update?


It was not working properly at the beginning so some people (including me) consider this as a bug. Right now it’s working completely fine and it’s just another site design update. I guess that we need to get used to it.


I’m getting the same error.


It’s not an error. It’s an update in the site design.


I think this new design looks awful personally.


Did anyone else notice they also removed the “Show conversation” option on order pages? That used to be so helpful! Hope they bring it back :frowning:

EDIT: It appears this was a glitch with some orders. They didn’t take it away thankfully.


I still have it available to use. Maybe you have a small bug in one order or something? I hope so - this option is really helpful for me as well.