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Fiverr, why do you choose to hurt me so much?


Fiverr, why do you choose to hurt me so much? For the past one month (four weeks), I have not received an order from any buyer. Four weeks ago you made me a level one seller. All because I had a big problem with one buyer, you decided to shot me down. This is not fair at all. I have sent several customer support tickets to you but still no improvement. Should I create another account to enable me to continue with my logo design? Am confused. What should I do?


Fiverr why…


Looking at your gigs; I see that you have (4) active logo gigs. Are you saying Fiverr denied one of your gigs? Also, submitting multiple :envelope_with_arrow: tickets is one sure way to get your tickets auto-ignored. CS never read the forum so, pleading to them here is not going to do any good. Don’t let your emotions take over - do a simple breathing exercise to calm your body & mind. Be patient and give them time to respond to your query.


Stop sending support tickets - CS will get fed up with you, and you’ll be marked as spamming.

You’ve had lots of help over the last few weeks, which all of us were happy to give, so please don’t get upset - there is more to life than Fiverr! :slight_smile:

No point in opening another account - have a look for Eoin’s series on the forum - search for UPYOUR.