Fiverr widget(kinda w/ sceenshot)


Need a quick way to keep updated on your fiverr activity? not sure if this has been shared but…

While playing with the responsive fiverr website (on my laptop with Scroogle Chrome 90% zoom) I resized my windows as small as it would go (towards the top left corner).

What you are left with is a handy little “widget” that I can place anywhere on my screen to keep updated on my ‘to dos’ and messages.Quick hit of the refresh button and boom…

Then when I get an update, open fiverr in a separate window.

Check out the screen cap and Happy New Year 2014 :slight_smile:

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@anarchofighter It does help with response time and possibly with your ‘discussions’. :-?

@carrieblogger Browser plugin would be nice. I would rather see more on the app dev, especially the seller side. I also use it for notifications, but sometimes “little hands” need to play with daddies iPad and I just can’t say no…


Browser plugin instant notifications would be the best! I always have my Fiverr tab open and have my app blink on my phone when something happens. Email notifications are too slow to actually use in real time.

tristanphillips said: Updated..

Ah, thank you. I got it now. Might just do that with Chrome

Seems like a great way to get our response times down to nearly 1 hour.




Ya he has to refresh too. Nifty-ish though…

I wonder why fiverr hasn’t made a browser plugin yet…it would be nice to have instant notifications.


He is resizing the window as small as it goes - and just placing it to the side. I guess you watch if your notification bubble pops up?



It also appears you’re and Apple User. Does it work for PC?


I don’t quite follow what you’re doing and how it helps. Could you make a screen capture video and narrate it?


@anarchofighter I am faster in photoshop, I hope this makes it clearer. Resizing the browser window works across Mac, PC, Linux,etc.
*On a PC when you place the mouse in bottom right corner, it will change into a diagonal(up-down) arrow. When you see that left click and hold, then drag your mouse towards the top left of the window.
If you are using Internet Explorer, you should do it move mouse upwards slowly, because IE you can almost hide the screen completely..

@celinedesigns @kjblynx I keep it open in the corner and just hit the refresh as i think about it and Chrome has an extension that does auto-refresh every 15-30mins.

Something to let me know if I have work to do..


I think this is a good concept fiverr should think about. A chrome extension would be awesome - sending you instant notifications, and even displaying it as a little icon, like the google mail checker.