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Fiverr will be performing site maintenance on June 7th, between 4:30am & 6:30am GMT, with limited availability


From 4.30 to 6.30, you can tell what to do

Mod Note: I thought this was spam initially but after reading @zazi_developer’s response I realized that it was asking people to share what they do at that time. Please do…


Sleep? :slight_smile:


lolx chat with your ex :slight_smile:


will you be able to withdraw


anyone can answer the question


yea i would just like to know



I’m watching movie :sunglasses:


I hope they fix bad algorithm.


I got instructions from client :wink: I will work on client’s server :smiley:


Testing our search placement algorithm
On May2 the fiverr staff issue a note in which they mentioned that they are performing test. So i am assuming that in this update they will impose the finalize algorithm.


By what time zone Fiverr works and show the time through orders?


whatever it is i am sure its going to be awesome


Haha do you lose your sales too?
Seller with thousand review on page 1 search result have ton of sales, and poor seller level 2 with hundred review like us, dying :laughing: Because of their bad algorithm


Here you go - you can carry on moaning here:


Hhahha Nope i was doing good and are doing good my revenue didn’t get effect with there testing algorithm.
Indeed in the test phase i even generated more revenue than i usually generated before. :slight_smile:


Just hoping that the current algorithm will be corrected, it affected many people. I will love if they revert back to the older one.


What must buyer provide to order website design from your gigs? I’m interesting with website development


I don’t just give them list of requirements i just provide them a comfortable environment of discussion and elicit the required things from them step by step.