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Fiverr will delete your 100% positive, Level 2 rated account with no warning

As a level two seller you got capital punishment . If we do a silly mistake then what will happen!
I lost my speech .

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The screenshots are here.

Look at the times they were sent. One minute after another.

If they are telling sellers that they allow 3 warnings before deleting your account, then why was there no time to correct any mistakes that might have been present??


I was selling social media promotion through my business network.
Meaning, I would share buyers links to my business network so they can increase their brand awareness, online presence or whatever they were in need of as far as social media promotion.

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capital punishment indeed. Pretty unfortunate after several years of successful transactions on Fiverr


I’m so sorry to hear that happened.

Fiverr takes things very seriously and if any of these violations have some truth in it, even at a first strike can result in an account ban.

Fiverr also doesn’t encourage the services you have been selling. Over the years Fiverr has been cracking down and removing these kinds of services. I wonder if you were a victim of that.

At this time, the only possible solution would be to open a civil dialogue with support and try to come to terms with why exactly this has happened.

Best of luck.


There’s a category specifically for social media shoutouts etc.

So within the ToS and a fairly new category, or not?


You know what the most insane thing about this is? My video gig (in video marketing category) has had all configurable gig package options changed to things like ‘account setup’ etc, as if Fiverr wants me to sell things like youtube account setup services and ad services. (Or similar services pertaining to other video sharing sites.) - And the same is true for my content writing gig.

I do not and have no plans to ever sell anything social media related on Fiverr. However, as you say, influencer marketing is a legitimate service which Fiverr encourages sellers to embrace.

The worst thing about this thread is the fact that clearly Fiverr has a 3 strikes and you are out system. However, what point is there in sending three emails like this back to back without giving the seller time to respond? If Fiverr is responding to a flag or false interpretation of a gig description fine, send the first email as a warning. This way, the seller can clarify their position and/or modify their business accordingly.

Sadly, Fiverr’s way of doing things seems to be. “There might be a problem here, lets slam the door on this sellers face.”

Of course, there is always the, “we don’t know the full details” argument. However, it is this kind of rash door slamming behavior which makes me purposefully not market Fiverr.

At present, I have a real-world real estate client who I will lose in October when I move. The easiest way to not lose them would be to move them over to Fiverr. There’s no chance of that happening, though, since I and this client communicate 90% via email and text and I can’t guarantee that they will never contact me again this way.

Poor show Fiverr. Poor show. - And yet completely expected


So, they were actually very clear with you about what you did. You exchanged payment information of some kind or they would not have sent you those notices. I don’t know if you mentioned PayPal or talked about outside payment or what you did to cause that, but Fiverr doesn’t take it lightly at all. They don’t actually guarantee that you’ll get any time to correct a violation, they just usually do give you time on a minor issue. Exchange of payment info is one of the worst things you can do on Fiverr, so after they reviewed whatever you said to the buyer(s) they decide not to give you any more chances.

I’m sorry to hear it for your sake, but if you were here such a long time you should have been really aware of the rules. The way you described it in your OP, I thought you meant they had’t given you a reason, but they actually did. You also said that they told you that you had more than one account, so there are apparently more warnings they sent you that you haven’t posted.


You know something. It is really hard to do social media marketing. If you’re good at it you can easily build back your base with the same marketing methods. I feel really sorry for what happened to you and I really hope everything turns out ok.

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Clear, not so much. Because as eaily as they stated this, they could have said I also purchased an “illegal house” via PayPal or whatever they want. The point of this is to say, they offered no proof of this violation because there was no violation. As a professional, and as a long term member of Fiverr, I was always clear to my customers that I only accept payments via Fiverr. Perhaps because my work was so desired, several of my customers, celebrity clients, offered to pay me more directly for long term services. I always denied them through the years so perhaps this is what occurred.
Still, as I mentioned, I stayed withing Fiver’s TOS always. Which is why today they restored my account… And then 10 minutes later, guess what… they disabled it again.

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You’re absolutely right. I do have long term clients, celebrity brands who are on board for my services, however, many of the clients who don’t have the funds like the bigger companies to spend on my services, I was happy to offer them via fiverr for these people to grow their own businesses.

An update, they reviewed and restored my account.
Then, again within a few minutes, disabled it again.

Such a disconcerting situation… Getting quite ridiculous as well.

Would that be because you’ve now got two accounts?

I hope you can get it sorted out soon.


Clearly, you have somehow broken TOS by simply being alive for 15-minutes between 3:25 and 3:40.

What your problem exemplifies is just how broken the automated Fiverr side of things is. Sadly, its been like this for a long time now. Hopefully, if you press on with getting either an answer or (more hopefully) your account restored, you will help remedy this to a degree.


how can this be possible?

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Or stop receiving a response all together which Support has been known to do from time to time.
@leinzaparlaye I know you must be frustrated by stay calm and professional during your conversation don’t push them so much just keep making reasonable arguments for your case and do not spam them no matter what.


This may be what did it. At least that is good news for you since your services are so desirable that you can locate celebrity or other clients that can buy your work on your own site. Best of luck if that’s what you decide to do.

I imagine that is because they noticed the second (new) ToS violation as offlinehelpers mentioned:

If you don’t want to just take your celebrity and other clients elsewhere, you might try contacting Support and explaining that you created the second account after they closed the first one. Tell them that you would be happy to deactivate the new account if they could restore your old one again. It really sounds like a mixed bag of issues.

This is excellent advice. If you write to Support with angry words or you send them multiple messages in a hurry, you won’t get good results. The Support agents aren’t really the ones who are doing the disabling which is also why you are probably seeing these weird patterns. It’s probably the Trust and Safety department or the Editorial department (more likely the former) that is doing the actual deactivation. Support is just a messager.


I really hope this problem gets fixed for you ASAP… You definitely don’t deserve this at all!

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Hmm, I am really frustrated and perplexed.

At first, it may not be your fault. Someone may be using your gig images and description or something else. Then Fiverr saw “you are using his/her account images”, and flagged you.

Second, that may be hackers’ attempt to enter in Fiverr. I notice a bit difference in original / the email you received, but I am not sure it is true. See the image below:


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I just looked at my last CS email. It looks like the “yours.” :thinking:

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