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Fiverr Will Not Load No Matter What


When I try to log in, clicking on Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook do nothing. I finally get to log in just by entering my email and password and going to my dashboard, and I get a blank white screen:

I try and go to my Orders page, click the order, and it redirects me to the Fiverr homepage. This is NOT a problem with my browser or computer, as I’ve tried both Chrome and Firefox on my main PC and Chrome on my laptop. This is ridiculous, as I just got an order this morning and want to complete it as quickly as possible but I cannot access it. Why is this happening?


My dashboard/order page comes with regular information, So it’s not a global issue.

There is a series of site/server errors being experienced by a number of sellers right now (see this discussions ). Fiverr is looking into those.
As you are sure this is not a problem from your side you can open a ticket at Fiverr Support



  • Try logging out and then logging back in
  • Try using Chrome in Incognito mode

Let me know if the issue still persists!

It’s a bigger issue than I thought - I don’t think incognito will help, please try and let me know!


Already did that. This issue is present no matter what computer or browser I’m logged into.


Absolutely. Open a ticket with CS. The more people who are experiencing this issue that report this to CS, the more weight this will have for Fiverr to fix it.

There are quite a few people facing this – myself included. Make sure CS knows!


Already filed a ticket.


I’m having a problem with logging in and loading too. I also have an open ticket. Let’s hope this gets resolved soon.


After I login, I get a blank white screen with no menu options at all. I have reported it and seemingly they are working on it. I have gigs open and can not do anything!


I also get a similar blank half screen often, but for me it’s only loading VERY slowly, and after 20 seconds the to-do list does appear.

There’s also other issues with the website, and clearing cache and cookies does remedy most of those issues, but only temporarily.