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Fiverr with local bank in Pakistan


Hi Pakistani fellows, I want to ask is there any one who have connected their Fiverr account directly with their local bank ( as HBL, Faysal Bank etc)? I mean without payoneer Also whats the process of money transfer form fiverr to local banks online. Is it safe?
Thanks in advance.


That would be interesting… I do transfer via Payoneer, if someone has bypassed payoneer successfully that could be a good news…


Asslam o Alaikum this is impossible to transfer money from fiverr to direct bank account. if you click on lock bank on fiverr then you also need to payoneer account. money trasfer first in payoneer then from payoneer money transfer to your bank account . thank you.


I never clicked on that button, I never take risks when it comes to transferring my money lol :smiley: thank you…


you can check by clicking it. it will be the new experience for you. by the way which method you use to withdraw money. using bank account attach with payoneer account or payoneer card?


Initially I used to use Card, but now I am using Bank withdrawal as it is cheap and conversion rate is good… I am using UBL for my withdrawals…


I am new to Fiver. I have to transfer 100$ in pakistan which method should i use


hello still do you need help??


Sorry bro, It’s impossible to tranfer directly to bank. You should first trasfer funds in Payoneer Card then BANK Transfer.


problem is we applied for payoneer card but never received it at home…now when we try to apply again, they say you have applied for payoneer card on this identity card before…

how can we withdraw money in this situation??


is it direct or you are using payoneer card and then sending money from payoneer card to bank account.


You can’t transfer your funds without Payoneer so I suggest you don’t apply for Payoneer card just attached your account with your Fiverr and withdraw amount in your local bank as I use bank Alfalah for that purpose I withdraw always urgent transfer so pay extra $3 for my amount and I received amount within two hours in my bank when I transfer my amount in working days as you know $1 is equal to 110 rupees so Alfalah give me 108 conversion rate.


i have click on bank account button but i have not received any mail .