Fiverr with Paypal


please if someone can help me, i tried to transfer my funds to my paypal account, when i click on “paypal account” button inside revenues on fiverr, apparently the process is correct, but the fund still on fiverr and i don´t see the funds transfered in my paypal account, please help,



Did you get an email from fiverr confirming the withdrawal?


thank you rayell, yes i got an email from fiverr, but the funds still in my fiverr account


Jan 12, 17
Withdrawal Initiated

Jan 12, 17
Withdrawal failed


If you happened to click the withdraw button more than once it sometimes gets confused. Try again but dont be click happy :slight_smile: just click for with draw… once and wait for email… they may want you to wait 24 hrs but if you get the confirmation from fiverr great click once and wait for email from paypal once that happens it usually shows in the fiver website as having moved ( but its a website and sometimes it is slow so waiting a day may need to be in order so it shows up on the website. ( but Within the paypal system it tends to show up right away)


May I ask where are you from?


im from bolivia - south america


thank you rayell i´ll try this solution


I am asking because if your country is not listed in countries that can withdraw from Paypal, you may face such problem.


thank you brandon, fiverr support told me something like that, but in that case, where canm i get the list of countries that can withdraw from paypal?


You can find it at the Paypal site itself. It’s under the FAQ section I believe. Or just search google and you’ll find the list.
Good luck