Fiverr with studies


Hi guys, I want to ask a question from you all.

How hard is doing fiverr with studying and how do you guys manage it?

I am a student as well and sometimes when there are more orders, it becomes really hard for me.
How many of you all are students as well?


money give self defense as well as professional services make regular for future study base services. extra curricular is important to multiply brain mechanism. probably busy time give easy solutions in life.


It’s good, you are learning to be responsible for yourself from a young age, instead of being dependent on your parents. I wish there was Fiverr or other online earning opportunities when I was of your age.


Thanks for your appreciation. It means a lot. I am doing this just to share my father’s burden. but as I am a biomedical science student, sometimes it becomes really tough for me to manage it.


In other words, you’re a genius on top of being an entrepreneur! :massage_woman:May I borrow your brain for an hour? :wink:


Ha Ha, Thats so sweet of you Gina, Thanks a million. :slight_smile:


The thing to consider is perhaps not whether it is difficult to manage selling on Fiverr but whether it is more or less difficult than doing a different type of part time job. Consider the possibility of having to work in the traditional student type part-time jobs of waitressing, cashiers, bar work etc.
The positives of Fiverr over these, I think, is that you can organize your own time to a certain extent. It is much easier to do Fiverr related work rather than coming back from college to then turn around within an hour and go serve drinks to drunk obnoxious people for 6 hours before getting home at 1am and then having a class starting at 9am. This is what many of your peers will be doing.

That said, Fiverr has its irritations too but at least you have the option to pause everything for a couple of days without consequence if you need to rather than being at the mercy of over demanding bosses who schedule you for all the unsocial hours that the full-time staff don’t want to do - turn them down and you likely have to find a new job!

You will learn a lot from Fiverr (or those other jobs), skills for dealing with people that studying simply can’t provide and these will stand to you in the future so stick with it and persevere because it will only benefit you in the medium to long term.


You don’t understand the culture in the subcontinent…India and Pakistan…young people from middle class/upper class families don’t do any part-time jobs, doing anything like that would be seen as a sacrilege. Online jobs, freelancing is okay, but you won’t find any of them working as waitresses, baristas, etc. There is no reason for businesses to hire them either…there are millions of poor young people willing to do such work for a pittance full-time. So why hire anyone part-time?


You are earning while studying. You should manage both. that is up to you. same here. studying and earning :slight_smile:


Youth is wasted on the young…if only I could start all over again with all the wisdom I have gained now…


Ok, I understand. Here it would be quite standard for middle class students to work part time while studying except for those studying the most intensive of courses such as medicine, dentistry etc.
In that case I would still point out the huge long term benefit of working in a public serving part time job like Fiverr as well as what you (Writer) mentioned which is growing in independence and self-responsibility.


I think young people in India are over protected by parents…that’s fine as long as the parents are able to take care of you, but once they retire or die (as it happened in my case), you are out on your own with no way of dealing with the harsh reality of the outside world.


@eoinfinnegan Yes @writer99025 is right. Here if you are educated ( graduated) you cannot do those types of jobs and as I told before, I am perusing a professional degree, there is not a single chance for me to do a part time job due to the culture here. Fiverr is a blessing for people with such cultures. I didn’t say anything bad about fiverr, i just said its hard to manage and wanted to know if there is anyone like me out there and how he/she manages it.


I think that’s the same the world over!


It’s interesting to hear how different cultures work. There would be some parents here who would operate in the same way and not allow their kids be involved in such menial tasks. I know you weren’t criticizing Fiverr! I just wanted to point out the positives to you too.
Working while studying is difficult and tiring, but so is being a parent and working or the various other combinations that people juggle with. Of course your studies should be your priority at the moment and getting the best education you can is important but another part of your “education” should be learning to cope with the demands of life, family, other people, the general public etc.
Being able to this with the security of parental finances and security really is a luxury that most don’t experience. Make the most of it and continue to learn inside and outside of university and you will be well prepared for the future.


Excellent points. Thanks. Yeah Asians parents have this problem. They pamper their children a lot which is not a good thing because that way they become lazy and are not financially independent even reaching to 30 years of age. My father want his children to have education from best institutions and also want them to be independent.


I am freelancing next to a job, and I feel that I can handle quite a lot, unless there other personal issues I need to deal with. At that moment I need to slow down my freelancing, but there is always some sort of delay in that.


I am also a student and its hard sometimes… but most of my buyers were kind and open minded so they waited for me a day or two extra if needed :slight_smile:


well if you studying on what are you selling here than its easy as water
but sometimes we really cant manage it all we all have issues to deal with
u are older with experience here now u tell me some good ideas @saddu_writer :grin:


I’m not a student but I think some of the same principles apply, as time is also my enemy while I try to juggle different things.

Fiverr is comfortable, it’s a certainty that after a point you will keep getting enough gigs to earn what you need. The important thing is to work out what you need and how much time you can spend. Refine your gigs so that they take less time. Pause gigs or turn down work if you’re busy on your studying. Take on more gigs when you’re not busy.

Your studying is your priority, and everything else must be adapted to fit around your studying, not vice-versa.