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Fiverr Withdraw through Payoneer


Hello everyone! Does anybody know? How many funds can I withdraw from my Fiverr through Payoneer? Somebody told me that fund should be equal to $30 for that purpose everytime.


If you mean the minimum withdrawal, it is $5.
More info here:


Thank you so much. But the attached link has no information about withdraw through Payoneer


You must have $30 in your payoneer account . Without that money, Payoneer don’t send you the card at your home.
You can withdrawn $5 from fiverr to payoneer


Thank you so much :slight_smile:


i just directly transfer money to my local account through Payoneer i could withdraw $20 and it came in to my account with in couple of hours :slight_smile: but payoneer had taken $3 as service charge. its the option which Fiverr provide as Bank Transfer