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Fiverr withdrawal in unverified paypal account

Hi All

Im too frustrated while writing this . i requested a withdrawal from fiverr through PAYPAL on sep 6 2020 and i got an email from paypal to claim my money. At that time my kyc for receiving local and global payments was not submitted and they said its not verified. (I messaged the paypal customer service). And if its not verified the fund gets reversed to the sender(FIverr) in 1 month time. The problem is i have submitted all my kyc after this email and after 2 days from my withdrawal initiated. Now the Paypal asks me to contact fiverr and resend the payment once again, Which i dont know how it becomes possible. This is my first paypal transaction and would appreciate it if anybody has the solution to this. Fiver earnings shows withdrawal initiated and deducted the money- The paypal button is greyed out showing withdrawal in progress- the WITHDRAWN tab has $0 as it doesnt display the amount withdrawn which i think is due to the incomplete transaction. The only solution i see as of now is wait for 30 days to reverse the fund in fiverr again and then initiate withdrawal again. Is there anything i am missing here or can anything else be done to receive my money sooner before this 30 day wait . Please find me a solution if anyone knows.

Thank you.


I am stuck in the same situation too! Did you get any solution for the problem?