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Fiverr Withdrawal Issue


Today My first fund is cleared, I add my PayPal email to withdrawal email when I am withdrawing, it shows, the withdrawal is initiated but after 1 minute it showing withdrawal failed also after too much attempt.
could someone tell what to do?

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Can you attach a screenshot or copy the error message and paste it here? Your post doesn’t give a lot of clues as to what might have cause it.

check the screenshot we have attached

Are you sure you added the correct email to your fiverr account, the one that goes with your Paypal account?

You can google “paypal phone number” and try calling Paypal to make sure your account is ok at Paypal.

If you have added all the correct details, and have linked PayPal to your account very recently, I suggest you wait a while before trying again, since sometimes it may take 1 or 2 days to confirm a payment option. This has happened to me as well when I first tried to withdraw through PayPal after linking my account.

Its hapenning me also i has been using fiver from last 2 years but facing the issue today not withdrawl the payments …

I see there is a problem with Payoneer as well.