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Fiverr Withdrawal Methods

I moved from Uw to Fiverr in 2017. My experience with Uw was never bad, but I just wanted a change and a part of me has started to regret it.
Fiverr Withdrawal is limited to PayPal and Payoneer without any consideration for people who come from countries where those options are not supported.
With Uw, I could just send the funds to my bank and have them arrive so quickly! Its bad enough that Fiverr takes 20% commission and disables accounts without warnings, but heck! Do something good for your sellers.
Paypal doesn’t work in my country unless illegally, and payoneer has been giving me issues as I can’t send directly to my bank.

As you are on the Fiverr platform suggest you don’t refer to another platform by name.


Sorry for the problem that you are facing but actually Paypal is not available in many countries, even in our country it isn’t available but that’s not a problem because Payoneer works smoothly.

On Payoneer you can link your local bank and withdraw funds from Fiverr to Payoneer and then from Payoneer to your local bank. It’s not a problem at all, even Top Rated sellers from our country use the same way.

Would you elaborate what kind of problem are you facing using Payoneer?

Good Luck! :innocent:

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I have used payoneer ever since I created this account. However, when I send funds there I couldn’t make payments or even withdraw to bank as it wasn’t allowed for my country.
Meaning the only way of accessing funds was to either sell or use ATM that releases minimum of $50 per transaction ( really crappy when you consider payoneer costs for each transaction).
After a while, my friends informed me that it has been made possible but my country sees it as fraud.
Its very frustrating

Yeah withdrawing funds from payoneer using their card is costly.

Your country sees it as fraud? How? I mean banks are unable to linked to payoneer or what?

How do you use their card in same country to withdraw funds from?