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Fiverr withdrawal not going through

So basically I got the confirmation e-mail the first time and clicked it.

well, it sent me to a page that failed to load, resulting in a crash, so i figured, no big deal, just try again.

so it sends the confirmation e-mail and then it goes through, only now it says "withdrawal processing, no further action is needed."

well, paypal didn’t receive the payment, and now it’s just sitting there.

I tried to resend the confirmation e-mail, and it worked, but i panicked and sent it several times, again and again i’d get the same message "withdrawal processing, no further action is needed"

well, after a time the paypal button greyed out with the words “withdrawal in progress” but nothing’s gone through for the entire day.

I’m at my wit’s end here, i’m expecting at least 400-ish dollars across the next week and I need that money for bills! I tried contacting customer support, but nobody’s gotten back to me at all!

what’s going on?

I’m in exactly the same situation and not heard back from customer support either :frowning: Its been over 24 hours now, paypal is just greyed out saying withdrawal in progress, but there is no progress happening!!!

I had this happen once and contacted Paypal by phone and they said that they are having some technical updates and it would go through soon. Did you get the fiverr email that said “withdrawal successful”? If so then it’s Paypal that is slow and will catch up eventually.

How long did it take to sort out? There is no call paypal by phone option that I can see…

I think the problem is at fiverrs end though, as I only have the withdrawal confirmation email and when I click on the link, it just says withdrawal is in progress, normally that goes through within a minute or two at most. I do not have the withdrawal successful email, so it seems like fiverr are not releasing the funds for some reason :frowning:

I transfered to paypal yesterday at 4pm cst and just now with no problems. Start a ticket with CS if you haven’t already.

Yeah I did a ticket yesterday, but heard nothing back yet :frowning:

I have heard back from customer support and I was told to clear my cache and cookies. It made no difference. My status remains “Withdrawal in Progress”

Support just got back to me and I just tried it then and it worked, yay!

I wanted to make withdrawal now, but my fiverr revenue card button is gray, saying: withdrawal in progress. I didn’t click it, and I didn’t get email.

@sue_mcl - how did you resolve the problem?

I just tried to transfer mine again and it worked first go.

Same boat here, However I’m not getting the email, or any fiverr notification emails. I got new orders, but no email. and now no email to withdraw. That hasn’t happened in like 2 years.

Reply to @summerphoto: I put in a support ticket and they fixed it for me :slight_smile:

Did you get the resolution for your issue with Withdrawal button greyed out?? I am also unable to withdraw. Any help will be appreciated.