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Fiverr withdrawal system

It says I can withdraw every 24hrs with PayPal, its been 5 days and the withdrawal button is greyed out saying transaction still in progress, when we all know the max time it is for PayPal to work is 2 hours, I checked my PayPal and the money is in there, but I can’t withdraw anymore, note this is my first time withdrawing so im not sure if that makes it longer, but there is nothing n fiverr to tell me it takes longer

Try to delete your cache, sometimes the button stay greyed because of a CSS issue.

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Hello jackjudge,

The exact same thing had happened to me, too… As soon as I had first withdrawn money to PayPal, the PayPal button was just greyed out and the status said “Transaction still in progress” (when in fact, there was no transaction actually in progress). I then decided to contact Customer Support.

They were able to fix the issue in a day or two and after that, I’ve been able to withdraw every 24 hours with no problem whatsoever. I suggest that you do the same, too.

AJ (hanshuber16).


Thanks will do that now :slight_smile:

Same occured for me, I used payoneer to withdraw, no worries, Contact Supoort they will fix it

I contacted support and they fixed it, I withdrew again and now it has been greyed out again for the last 3 days, when I look at my total funds that have been withdrawn it tells me I have withdrawn nothing, but I clearly have as I have put money through PayPal and to my bank through fiverr which I have used to purchase things