Fiverr withdrawal


Hey, everyone. So recently I’ve withdrew a couple hundred dollars to my PayPal account. I’ve ended up not getting anything because my paypal email was changed not long ago but my fiverr had the same old email address. Could anyone help me resolve this problem?


You withdrew your money to the wrong Paypal email?

You should call Paypal and tell them this. Maybe they can help you.


Not that it was wrong. I’ve previously used it to transfer my money, but then I changed my primary email from my paypal to a different address


Still in need for help.


I fear you need to try getting either Fiverr’s or PayPal’s customer service to help you. We´re other sellers like you here on the forum. You can reach Fiverr´s CS here:
Good luck!


Why not call Paypal? That’s the only way to get help with this.


contact customer support


may contact CS of fiverr


i think best insulation contact fiverr support team