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Fiverr withdrawals

Hello! I have a problem and I’ve been finding a lot of different answers over the internet, so I decided to come here.

I just recently got my first 8$ cleared. I decided to transfer them into my paypal account so I can see exactly how these transactions work. When I clicked for them to transfer, Fiverr turned the 8$ into 6,52€, and then when they got into my paypal account, which is in USD, the same I use for Fiverr, I only had 7,50$. From what I’ve read before, there’s no fees for transactions between Fiver and Paypal.

I should also say, in my withdrawal section it says that I withdrew 7,72$. Where’s the rest of the money, and what happened? I know it’s not a lot but I want to know what will happen with bigger sums, and why I didn’t get all the money. Does Fiverr actually have fees for Paypal? Or is it because of their conversion?

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Exchange rates happened, yes. No matter what currency you choose, technically Fiverr still pays you is USD, so if it’s euros, you would be losing some money on exchange rates.

If you did not choose euro as your currency and the window for choosing the withdrawal currency didn’t pop up, then you encountered the same bug as I did upon my first withdrawal. I never really got an answer as to what happened, but the good news is, this didn’t happen on my next withdrawal and never happened since then.

Also if USD is not your local currency and there would be exchange at some point anyways, I suggest checking out payoneer’s conditions. It depends on your location, but generally they offer better exchange rates compared to paypal.

My Fiverr currency is USD, and so is my Paypal account. I clicked the paypal option to withdraw the money, got the email, and things just immediatly went through. I wasn’t asked anything about the currency I’d like to withdraw in. After like 10 minutes, I just got a message in my paypal account that I got 6,52€ from Fiverr. That’s what I was wondering, does Fiverr convert to € when I do these kinds of withdrawals? Because if yes, then Fiverr converts to €, and then Fiverr’s € get converted to $ when they go to my paypal account?

What I don’t understand is why in my Fiverr withdrawal section it says that I withdrew 7,72$.

Yup, exactly my story. My withdrawal was $80 and it said $77.2 was withdrawn.

They don’t actually convert the second time on paypal (at first I thought so too). An aproximate total amount of your money on paypal is displayed in USD, but if you go into the more detailed break down of your balance, your euros should still be euros.

On the second withdrawal this window popped up and I assume that was supposed to happen from the strart, but didn’t:

I’ve been experimenting with small withdrawals at the time after the first incident and this window looked differently sometimes. To this day I really have no answers to the mistery of Fiverr’s withdrawals. There should be my thread about the same situation created somewhere around june, but it didn’t get many replies and doesn’t really have any solutions.

And do you suggest I just turn everything into € instead of $? I think it would be less confusing that way.