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Fiverr Withdrawl Disabled

Hi everyone, I’m hoping someone here would have a solution to the problem. I’ve been working with fiverr for 5 years now and now have been brining my outside clients to fiverr as well in hopes of getting a top seller listing with the 20 thousand mark for top sellers.
I usually keep atleast a few hundred in my profile, before I withdraw them, but recently I had a need for those funds for a family emergency at the hospital. Upon checking my profile it says my withdrawl is disabled. I’m not sure why, other forum posts suggest its because somone has made a complaint, if that’s the case, fiverr should atleast tell me about it, but that hasn’t happened either and my money is stuck.

Has anyone ever withnessed something like this? If not do you think this is another stunt to keep the money in fiverr banks for a longer time. I’m really worried because I have around $1500 USD in the account which I’m in urgent need of. Can anyone please help me?


I’m really worried, I’m just refreshing my Customer support ticket and this page. Someone Please help!

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Is there some kind of message or is the payment button greyed out?

So there’s no message, and all payment methods are greyed out, it asks me to contact seller

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What does it say exactly? Where is the message located? Did you have a cancellation recently?

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I’m so worried, don’t know what to do.

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Has it been a long time since you made a sale or a withdrawal? Did you have a cancellation recently?

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I’ve made alot of sales this past month and took the previous withdrawal on 16th of Feb. The only thing I found on the forum is where people say that a client has made a cancellation request. If there is anything like that I’m perfectly fine on giving them a refund, fiverr blocking like 1500 USD is just not OK .

I have no idea. Just wait to hear from customer support I guess. Wish I could be more helpful. Please keep us informed.


I just hope there’s someone who has heard of this think before. I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on the progress. Thanks for trying to help though @misscrystal

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I did a seach on the forum for this and found some things including this:


I’m lost, I don’t know what the suspicious transactions can be. This year I’ve made all my outside clients make payments to me on fiverr, in efforts to increase my profile ranking, do you think fiverr doesn’t allow that? Or is that somehow now allowed in the policies?

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In my experience, this has happened to me for 2 reasons:

  1. I have withdrawn within the last 24 hours (which obviously isn’t your case)

  2. My withdrawal options were once disabled as a security measure after potential suspicious activity on my account. This wasn’t anything to do with dodgy payments or chargebacks but actually linked to a couple of failed login attempts and a login at a different location than normal - Fiverr actually disabled the withdrawal function incase someone was trying to access my account. I contacted CS and we resolved it easily.


Wow that does sound helpful, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried logging into fiverr except the two main devices I use, My laptop and my phone. Can’t think of anything else. I just hope its not a buyer problem. In your case, if there’s ever a buyer complaint, the seller does get notified right?

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Not lately no. I had someone contact support and cancel and never got any message from CS but in your case it would have to be over the amount you had in your account for them to disable withdrawals. (I did get that reversed and was paid for the sale after contacting support about it.)


I’ve never had a buyer complaint which has affected my withdrawals. Typically if an order is cancelled or chargedback, your balance goes into negative.

The only thing I can think is if a lot of your external clients are local, there are a lot of local payments to your account and Fiverr may be protecting themselves for verification. For example, you may have 5 credit cards, max them all out on buying from yourself on Fiverr and then chargeback and withdrawing. That’s an extreme example but a cluster of payments together from the same location might be a semi red flag. This is al conjecture tho. I recommend contacting CS


This sounds interesting, I don’t know why something like this would happen, so keep us posted.

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Well Im not a pro in TOS of Fiverr but maybe it has something to do with those outside clients. If theres quite a few of them, all of a sudden signing up for a fiverr account and straight away all of them go to your gig. Also as others have mentioned, if they are local to you, same country, I mean they could think you are just fluffing up your rating and earnings artificially. Meaning you make friends, family members, pay random people small amounts just to buy your gig and then you pay them back but in return you got another 5* rating and popularity in the search.

Im not saying you are doing that, but that is something that could definitely be a good reason why they are considering it suspicious if they are all from the same country because its not organic like for most where you get buyers from all over the world at random.

In the past I had the same problem, but when I contacted the customer support, the problem resolved👨‍💻

@aeongaiden @cherboub @misscrystal @twistedweb123 sorry I wasn’t able to reply back yesterday, my account on the forum is new and can only give a few replies everyday.

As an update that I owe you guys for your time, to clarify, I have alot of clients who’re offshore and mostly concentrated in the US, I usually get paid through payoneer or PayPal for clients who I get outside fiverr, but most recently I’ve asked them to pay me through fiverr. So that defientley was not the issue because it wasn’t iniated from my home country.

I talked to support and they told me that any one client had shown discomfort on the order and that they can’t tell me who it is but I need to talk to them. I couldn’t believe it because anyone who shows even a little discomfort on the order, I imidiately give them a refund including the work done.

So, I did contact everyone and as a measure asked them to leave a response of the service out of ten. I got 10 on average on all the responses and told that to the support. They said they’ve contacted the customer who has lodged a complain and if they get back within 24 hours they’d get back to me. They did that and today they told me it was someone who wasn’t aware of how fiverr works and that’s why they thought the work is done in one day. So knowing the situation fiverr restructured my account :smiley:

So thankyou everyone for the support. I would’ve been lost and frantically worried having more than a thousand dollars stuck without any of your guy’s support. I’ll try to be more active on the forum to do my part as well.