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Fiverr wont accept payment

trying to buy a gig…keeps getting denied. Originally CC flagged it as fraud, sent me text message, I said it was not fraud, they said ok, try payment again.

Since then I have tried like a dozen times, each time it hits my credit card, credit card company says its good to go, then fiverr (according to CC company) immediately reverses payment.

Any ideas? I have contacted fiverr support but they looked at the ticket a few hours ago and I still have not heard back.

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Can you buy through PayPal instead cc? A couple people who’ve been hit by that bug seem to have had success that way.

Else I fear you’ll have to wait for support to get active.


i could do paypal but that is going to hit me or the seller with even more fees right?

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How you pay doesn’t affect the seller. Fiverr takes 20% fees from the seller, so, if you buy a $5 gig, the seller receives $4 etc.

The seller has to pay to withdraw their revenue to their PayPal or Pioneer account and, depending on country, PayPal charges to convert $ in seller’s currency, but that’s got nothing to do with how you pay. :slight_smile:

Fiverr charges you $2 for up to $40 orders and 5% above.

Not sure if your credit card company or PayPal charge you to pay, as I´m mainly a seller, I always pay for gigs when I buy some with my revenue.

The terms of service have some info like the above and the “Buyer Help Center” has interesting articles on how all the “technicalities” work.

Sometimes it happens because the seller may have too many orders already placed on that gig. You could try paying through a different gig with the same seller. Sometimes its a tech difficulty and sometimes the gig might have a cap on the number of orders it is allowed to take.

This is a custom gig…so more likely a technical issue. Or maybe my first declined payment somehow took the one gig that was posted and now my payments are being declined because it thinks the gig hit its cap?

Just try paying through another of the seller’s gigs. It might work. Or you can wait till the seller delivers one or two of the existing orders on the gig.