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Fiverr won't allow username change

And also won’t link to Facebook.
I deleted my previous fiverr account because of the username (who’s gonna buy something from Slime_Shady) which had
already been linked to FB.
So then when I go to link my new one it won’t work. Someone says I need to create a new FB account.

Don’t know about FB, but you can’t change your username.

You can delete your existing account and start a new one, but that’s about it.

Delete my existing Facebook account?

No, delete your Fiverr account and start a new one.

Yea i did. I said it in the second line of my OP.
Ok, so I deleted the app from my facebook account and reinstalled it using my new fiver username
and it wouldn’t let me.

Don’t link it to your Facebook. Just log in via

Clear your browser and try again. If that doesn’t work you may contact customer support for assistance.

Here is how you can link fiverr to your fb account. If you had already linked you fb to another fiverr account you will first need to unlink them…

  1. login to you fb account
  2. scroll to apps, here you will all the sites that are linked to your fb
  3. click on fiverr then click remove app
    After that you should be able to link it to another fiverr account

thanks for your reply but I tried that 5 times! I felt like an idiet doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result

Sorry - I thought you wanted to change your username again.

Asking for a friend who may be interested in your gig.

if his hair doesn’t fall out in 30 days, should he give you 5 star feedback?


Thanks for your reply, I tried that and it didnt work.
Is it really necessary to be linked to Facebook.

No, I don’t have Facebook and it works just fine.

not sure, I can’t remember how long it took for the guinea pig to notice his hair wasn’t falling out, but 30 days should
be a good indicator. The human body is complicated and there are many factors affecting our health, diets, exercise, sunlight, no sunlight,clean environment, dusty environment…well NONE of that matters a jot to my solution.
Also it has nothing to do with testosterone manipulation so , in theory it will help women too. although no research has been done on women.
Im not really interested in stars I just want people to have amazing hair. But if it will help me get more gigs then yeah,

Thank you! :purple_heart:

Get a sleep, it’s late in the UK. lol :slight_smile:

Tell your “friend” to have a nice day.

Will do! :sunny:

Thanks, you have a nice day too

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You can’t change your username ;(

Yeah . Why you want change your username :hushed: