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Fiverr Won't Fix Their Mistake

I’ve had an ongoing issue with customer service, pretty frustrating and I’ve now paused all my gigs due to this.

I delivered an order to a customer - custom lyrics written and sung to their instrumental. They said they loved it and asked for a small revision, which I made, no problem.

Three weeks later, customer service cancels the order and refunds it because the buyer reported that I had violated their copyright with my delivery…this was of course a lie and I had proof.

I actually do possess the copyright to the work I delivered, due to the way copyright laws work for music. At first customer service wouldn’t even look at my evidence, just stating that “the decision is final”, but after a few days of messaging back and forth I finally got them to look at my evidence.

They finally looked at the evidence, apologized and removed the “copyright violation warning” from my account! Problem solved, right?? Nope! :roll_eyes:

Fiverr accepted my evidence and removed the “violation” from my account, yet they still won’t undo the cancellation for the order and give me back the funds I worked for… The order was supposedly cancelled due to me violating the buyer’s copyright, which I proved to be false, but they still won’t fix it. I’ve asked them why this is and they just won’t answer the question. Just more generic “the decision is final” statements. :expressionless:

The buyer fraudulently claimed that I had violated their copyright, I provided evidence to prove that they were lying and Fiverr actually accepted the evidence but still won’t fully fix their mistake. They actually have given a full refund to this buyer who fraudulently claimed that I had violated their copyright. :thinking:

So yeah, pretty frustrating and I think I’ll be taking a loooong break from Fiverr after I finish up my last few orders. It’s unfortunate because I have a bunch of regular and new customers who want to place more orders, but I just can’t bring myself to work on this website right now. I guess I’ll be taking my singing elsewhere lol!