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Fiverr won't give me my money

Every time I try to withdraw fiverr says " Network Problem

You seem to be unable to receive the verification code. There might be a problem with your network connectivity*.

Please try again later." I have tried it from multiple networks and don’t seem to be having a problem with any other sites. Has anyone else experienced this do you know who I can call to help me resolve this?

Have you tried contacting Customer Support for help?


Suggest you contact Customer Support.

Here is the link:

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Are you using the app? I’ve had that once but it also told me to restart my phone which solved the issue for me back then. Re-installing the app might also be something to try before contacting support.
As they’ll typically say something like to clear your browsers and cookies on desktop, or the app cache on the phone, you might save yourself some forth and back if you do that first and can tell them that you tried all those basic things already (or save yourself the ticket even if one of them should work).