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Fiverr wont let me deliver my work

How long can it take for Fiverr to work out the bug?


same issue is with me i am unable to deliver my order

Delivered an hour ago. But can’t deliver now.


Same here :frowning: this is frustarting.

Same issue, I cant deliver my order, Cant chat with anyone !


me too fiverr please fix it fast . . i cant delivery my finished orderrr :sob:

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Yes please fix it because clock is ticking :confused:

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Thanks, was just about to make a delivery. I think I’ll hold off on that for another hour or so.

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same problem cant deliver my order

I tried delivering through their app, it’s not working either!

I’m having the same problem.
It won’t let me use the deliver work button.
It’s as if I never delivered.

I am having the same intermittent problem. I had 8 jobs to deliver this morning and only 4 have been successful. Deadlines are approaching. Please help!

I can’t deliver my orders either! Glad I’m not the only one but this is annoying. Has this happened to anyone else before?

I’ve an urgent delivery but can’t deliver. I hope this bug won’t interrupt my metrics. This is the first time I’m seeing such error.

Same is the situation here, My orders are getting late :cold_sweat:

same here i am unable to deliver.

Mine just delivered 4 times (all the deliveries I had made lol)

Same here.
It will show as a delivery, but the timer still counts down as if it wasn’t.
Bug. Contact CS already

Same. Just checked the order that wasn’t working and now it says I delivered it three times…So I guess it works now?

Having the same issue. Delivered 4 times already but the timer still counts. :sob: